Why I Chose “Fun” as a Core Value

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                    As a Leadership Consultant, I aspire to create fun and rewarding experiences to empower and inspire teams. I decided to make “fun” an organizational value for Ripple Effect Leadership Consulting & Events because it’s important to me, not because we as humans need fun as much as need wholeness, but … Read More

The Hummingbird and Ripple Effect Leadership

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A Little More About Me When completing my MA in Leadership (Health) Organizational Leadership Project (OLP), an action-based research paper, I incorporated the ripple effect metaphor to describe how communication practices among internal and external stakeholders of an organization could either ripple through the organization positively or negatively. Coupling that with my love for water I made the decision to … Read More

Welcome to my blog – Live in the Moment!

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This is the place where we share leadership experiences, stories, ideas and insights. You will have the opportunity to hear from daring leaders and the work they do to push the boundaries around personal leadership, accountability, communication, collaboration, creativity and engagement. Want to be a guest writer? Heck ya! Please contact me, and I welcome the opportunity to collaborate.