3 Ways to Build Dialogue in the Workplace

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us have attended a meeting and someone arrives with a clear agenda and dominates the discussion. The ripple effect of these actions may initiate a rough start to the meeting.

Take a moment now. Pause and reflect. Have you been that person?

I am not embarrassed to say that I have had moments where I say out loud “I could have done that better!”

#1: Transparency
My experience around positive and productive dialogue has been intertwined with transparency, accountability and creativity. Self-reflection is an opportunity for personal and professional growth and this is what my peers and advisers at Royal Roads University taught me.

Arriving to a meeting with a pre-planned agenda may intimidate some and inhibit others from contributing their ideas and suggestions to the overall discussion. Dialogue on the other hand explores topics at a much deeper level and encourages everyone to share their own thoughts without the risk of self-restraint.

My goal is to create a pool of meaning and move groups from discussion to dialogue.

#2 Create Shared Experiences
As a facilitator, I want to influence thoughtful dialogue to help keep the group on topic and task. At some point in our workplace relationships (and all relationships) it is everyone’s responsibility to take accountability – to see the bigger picture. Creating shared experiences fashions an environment that welcomes dialogue with several perspectives weaved together.

#3 Nurture Collaboration
Creating safe group environments where team members are encouraged to speak their truth, strategize, nurture collaborative decisions, and self-manage will:

– Create a sense of empowerment
– Be more productive
– Build loyalty
– Increase morale
– Encourage a personal commitment to plans moving forward

Want to share an experience you’ve had? I welcome the shared dialogue!



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