Fun as a Core Value

people pretending to canoe sitting on a bench


As a leadership consultant, I aspire to create fun and rewarding experiences to empower and inspire teams. I decided to include “fun” as an organizational value for Ripple Effect Leadership, because we as humans need to experience fun even during times of difficulty and change.  

Having fun together is important when it comes to building team culture and that includes during a workshop, retreat or a meeting. It’s just more fun when we focus on the positive and restrain from opposition and negativity. There is no one-size-fits-all version of fun, yet each day presents new opportunities to bring joy to ourselves, our teams and our communities! 

There are a few things I like to suggest to participants during a Ripple Effect Leadership session and that includes allowing yourself to:

  • Be inspired and excited
  • Admit to mistakes and learn from them
  • Strive for honesty and transparency
  • Help and boost others to find their unique awesomeness

The ability to create a fun and an enjoyable environment is one of the most powerful aspects of leadership and an underutilized tool in the workplace. Integrating fun into your practice makes for a more productive and more dedicated team. 

I look forward to creating and collaborating fun opportunities with many of you! What are some fun activities or situations you’ve experience at your workplace?



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