Why I Chose Collaboration as a Core Value

Together We Create Brick Wall

As a leadership consultant, I aspire to create collaborative and rewarding experiences to empower and inspire teams. I decided to make “collaboration” an organizational value for Ripple Effect Leadership Consulting & Events because this is not only a personal core value of mine, but in my opinion an important part of any team. As a group facilitator, I believe in the inherent value of the individual and the collective wisdom of the group.

At Ripple Effect Leadership, we strive to help the group make the best use of the contributions each of its members. A collaborative and cooperative interaction builds consensus and produces meaningful outcomes. To create a culture of collaboration requires norms that are consistent with and supportive of collaboration. Ultimately, collaboration adds value to teams and communities through collective efforts.

Why Create a Collaborative Workshop vs. a Typical Boring Meeting?
Ripple Effect Leadership collaborative workshops are work meetings gone right! Group dynamics are managed and the process is structured by a strong yet flexible methodology. Good collaboration fosters original thinking, creativity and innovation.

What is a Ripple Effect Collaborative Workshop?
A collaborative workshop is a specific type of group meeting designed to achieve a variety of objectives including:

  • Team building to break the ice and solve internal team challenges
  • Problem solving to analyze root of challenges
  • Brainstorming to generate and craft ideas and action items

And these are just a few examples…

Want to brainstorm on your next team workshop or retreat? Connect with me directly here to start the collaborative process with Ripple Effect Leadership.



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