Reflection and Stretch Goals: Two Prevailing Forces Behind Dive Deep Retreat


I am the first to say that personal leadership is a life-long practice. No one is perfect and we all have moments in time where we wish we would have handled things differently. The question is – are we willing to reflect,learn from and expand leadership potential. That to me is what personal leadership is about.

I truly believe leaders should be agents of positive change who are passionate about growing themselves and those around them to achieve great things. In alignment with this, I have created a retreat called: Dive Deep: Expanding Your Personal Leadership Potential

Dive Deep Retreat will provide a chance for you to step back from day-to-day problem-solving, so you can think about larger goals for yourself and how to move those personal leadership goals forward.

Here are five motivations to participate in the Dive Deep Retreat with Ripple Effect Leadership:

  1. We are going to Reflect. Reflection is the driving force behind personal leadership. 
  2. We are going to Create together. This is simple! Creativity is one of my core values and you can always guarantee a little bit of this with Ripple Effect Leadership.
  3. We are going to Listen to each other and Learn from one another. People who attend a Ripple Effect retreat are like-minded leaders who want to learn from others and listen with intention.
  4. We are going to Laugh. Leaders with humour build stronger cultures and will unleash more creativity. 

Through learning circles, personal reflection, small group conversation and practical activities, you will identify the leader you are now and the leader you want to become – ultimately a map of your professional and personal world.

Join me on Saturday, November 3 at The Hive London and I will guide you through a series of individual and group exercises in a warm, intimate setting.

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I look forward to meeting all you #RippleMakers in person!



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