Leading with Love.

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“The key to leadership is to lead with love. Leading with love means knowing and caring about what inspires and empowers people. It’s about caring enough to know what is important to them and helping them succeed. To be a leader who leads from love is to continuously develop the art of leadership.” Lolly Daskal

Love is not a word commonly connected with leadership.
I’m not talking about warm and fuzzy feelings of love, but the kind of love that allows team members to be imperfectly human, like the kindness of noticing that someone is having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of life.

When I reflect on my career and the leaders I admire, they felt more like a peer and not someone I reported to.

These leaders showed interest in helping develop my career, were passionate about learning side-by side, and demonstrated commitment to one’s well-being and the development of my own.

With these experiences in mind, I am convinced that love can be achieved in business and team settings too.

Leading with love is giving full attention to another
Love and leadership means you understand the importance of building relationships.

Leading with love s a winning leadership and employee engagement strategy on many levels. The key for leading with love is to nurture a culture where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable.

So, what does love, and leadership look like in the workplace? 

Power up with love with these 5 simple actions
1. Show appreciation. Private and sometimes public acknowledgments of someone’s accomplishments and efforts can go a long way.

2. The next time you meet with someone you may have tension with, ask how you can support them best right now.

3. When someone is visibly upset, ask them if they need someone to chat with

4. Be understanding and flexible when possible yet have firm boundaries.

5. When a team member wants to learn a new skill, help nurture this willingness to grow and learn as a leader.

Being committed to the well-being and development of others is grounded in intimacy – how well you truly know an individual requires intentional acts to help support their short and long-term goals.

The return on values feature results in an environment that fosters creativity, motivates, and nurtures innovation.

Think about the companies you most admire, what is it about their culture or leadership practices you love?

How do YOU lead with love?

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Janic, Creative Curator

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