The Creative Leadership Experience with Ripple Effect Leadership.

Happy New Year #RippleMakers.

I am a strong believer that creativity is the most important quality in a leader. Creative leaders have the ability to build in creative outlets to help look at projects in new ways and innovate.

Creativity runs through all of us and I want to help you dive a little deeper into your creativity as we practice personal leadership. This is why I am launching The Creative Leadership Experience Round Table Experience.

With this workshop, #RippleMakers (Ya… YOU!) will:

  • Tap into your creative personal leadership.
  • Help build a community of personal leadership practice.
  • Have rich conversation with professionals of all ages, careers and leadership experiences (Side note: this workshop is great for university and college students too or for anyone between jobs).
  • Be moved & inspired.
  • Add more skills to your creative leadership toolkit

AND BONUS!!! All participants of The Creative Leadership Experience will receive a creative workbook and access to a private Facebook page to be part of an on-going community supporting each other through personal leadership practice. OMG …AND… access to new colouring sheets, live chats and more!

This is a new decade #RippleMakers and you will leave this workshop feeling a renewed sense of personal leadership.

Let’s do this #RippleMakers
Limited Space: Register here


More dates to be added soon in London, Ontario, yet this workshop can be facilitated anywhere with a minimum of 8 people. I’ve also had some interest in doing this workshop virtually – stay tuned for more details. Let me know if this workshop appeals to your creative side.

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