Colouring – My Creative Leadership Habit

Ripple Effect Leadership Colouring Sheet

Hey #RippleMakers – how are you holding up during this phase of self-isolation? I’m keeping busy working…creating…colouring…dancing…video chatting…cooking…

Would you believe me if I said I’ve been colouring since I was in my mother’s womb? When my Mom was pregnant with my sister and then me years later, my Dad would bring home stacks of colouring books because she just couldn’t get enough of it. I guarantee that as you are reading this post – Maman is at home colouring.

I love hearing from people as to why they like to colour and what their process is. What’s your process? Do you colour a page because it inspires you or because of the style? I am very particular about the colouring pages I choose and find it fascinating that my Mom will get a new colouring book…start with the first page…and colour EVERY single page IN ORDER. Yes – I get my organizational skills from Maman! 

Colouring has been a very big part of my mindfulness practice and I am a big believer it can also be incorporated into organizations and team building as well.

What? Really? YES!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be Picasso to ignite your creativity through drawing, just as you don’t’ have to be a child to reap the benefits of colouring. No matter what your artistic ability, getting into the habit of colouring helps manage your attention, quiet your mind and allow ideas to germinate.

I’ve included a printable colouring sheet (Right Click & Save) I launched for a personal leadership workshop I facilitated – a quote by one of my favourite American dancers Twyla Tharp: Creativity is a habit and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.” 

Regardless if you download this colouring sheet or colour your own, please share with me online. Would love to see your creative colouring creations. 

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What creative work habits have you incorporated into your life? Leave me a comment below. Thanks #RippleMakers.


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