What “The Purple One” Taught Us About Creativity


I have always been a creative person…but why?

Reflecting on when I was growing up, I often had a project on the go whether it was making jewelry, painting wooden frames oe ceramics, making handmade greeting cards or even sitting for hours colouring in one of my many colouring books. My love for creativity and colouring was inherited from my Maman because all through her pregnancies with my sister and I, she coloured. Our Dad couldn’t bring home enough colouring books and now my Mom, my sister and still sit for hours and colour.

Those who know me well, know that I have always had a HUGE love for Prince (RIP Prince, four years ago today). Prince taught us a lot about creativity; he thought big, he took risks, he experimented, and he grew with his audience. Prince was the epitome of cultural creativity and he understood that creativity is a practical process; that the process of having original ideas adds value.

Take a generous amount of creativity, add relevant experience, passion and right skill set and you get effective creativity. Not just cool ideas, but ideas that separate your company from the pack in your industry. 

Are you a #RippleMaker – someone who wants to make waves in their organization or industry more broadly?

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