Leadership is Colourful

Want to create mindful leaders at your organization? Looking for a new and creative workshop for your next team workshop or retreat? This is it! The Leadership is Colourful workshop explores the benefits of colouring and how it improves focus, memory and resiliency. 

Having a fun and mindful creative practice allows us to express from the inside out and builds on self-awareness. This workshop taps into imagination, builds confidence and decreases stress. 

We will explore how colouring for contemplation is a great way to expand your creative side. The colouring sheets provided for this workshop include meaningful pictures that accompany inspirational quotes and are designed to help you reflect as you colour.


Leading With Your Best Self

Intentionally improve leadership by looking inward and understanding yourself . Dive deep with personal core values and tease out your creative side and transform your personal core values into actions. Building relationships with peers and colleagues and effective leadership all begins with being able to lead yourself first.

But guess what? Leading yourself is often the most difficult person you will lead in your career. Self-mastery and leadership is a life-long practice. 

Step back from day-to-day problem solving to think about larger leadership goals. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a visual representation of their own personal leadership goals to draw inspiration from. 


Aligning Personal Values & Company Culture

Your organization has spent time and energy over the years building core values to help reach your organizational mission and vision. This workshop focuses on aligning employee personal core values with organizational core values by creating a shared vision and encourages distributed leadership. 

One of the deepest desires underlying a shared vision is the desire to be connected to a larger purpose and one another. This workshop reminds team members about their connection to each other and stakeholders.


Who are these workshops for?
For anyone at any level in an organization willing to to reflect, learn, laugh and create!

All Ripple Effect Leadership offerings can be customized to fit with an organization’s particular objectives and are intended to introduce attendees to personal and mindful leadership and its potential impact on cultivating the ability to lead and live with excellence.

All workshops are available as 1/2 day or full-day workshops / retreats. Please connect with Janic to learn more about group packages available. 

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